The Law School Kit


Law School Kit – Your only need of the 5 years of Law School



What is the Law School Kit?

The Law School Kit is a magical compilation of 12 certified courses curated by professionals of the legal industry to equip you with everything you need to ace law school. The Law School Kit covers everything ranging from internships, mooting, debating, ADR, publication, research skills, practical skills to career guidance after law. 2000+ law students from 40+ law schools have availed the Law School Kit and benefitted immensely from it. 

Who has created this kit?

The Law School Kit is a result of sheer efforts of the professional research team of Success Boat which is comprised of Senior Advocates, Legal professionals, Faculty from the top 10 National Law Universities, and student researchers who worked under their guidance to produce this masterpiece. 

Why do you need this kit?

The legal professional is no longer about just one skill set. It is now about your entire personality which is sculptured through adequate guidance and nurtured through the proper choice and learning a variety of skills which hone your personality and emerge you out to be a superb law student who stands out amongst all others after your complete graduation from your current law school. We guarantee that this kit will leave no stone unturned to make sure that you stand at par with the cream level of students and match their skill set and knowledge set.


  1. How to draft professional and impressive emails
  2. How to make impressive Presentations
  3. The complete SoP writing guide
  4. How to ace committee/society selection interviews
  5. How to read judgements and case laws effectively
  6. How to set up and use LinkedIn Profile
  7. The art of networking in Law Schools
  8. Which committees/societies should you join in college
  9. Recommended books for your entire 5 years of Law School
  10. Books every law student must read (Non-fiction & Biographies)
  1. How to pick up the right moot
  2. How to ace memorial drafting
  3. How to ace speaker rounds
  4. Sample Best Memorial (Both Petitioner & Respondent)
  5. List of all reputed National & International Moot Court Competitions
  1. Basics of Debating
  2. How to pick up the right debate
  3. Difference between APD and BPD
  4. How to be a great debator
  1. The Most Comprehensive Email and Call Database of all possible Legal Internships in India (Live Sheet)
  2. What to expect from different internships and how to prepare for it
  3. How to increase your chances and secure a Pre- Placement Offer (PPO)
  4. How to get a Tier - 1 firm Internship
  5. Complete Internship Application Guide
  6. Format for a perfect CV & Cover letter
  7. Tips for CV Drafting
  8. John Davidson format of the CV (Most recognised Format)
  9. Planning and Acing your Internships.
  10. Online vs Offline Internships
  11. Things to keep in mind before joining Litigation/ Corporate/NGO/In-house/PSUs/Clerkship or Organisational Internships.
  1. Complete list & links of reputed National & International Journals
  2. How to identify a good place/website for publication
  3. How to come up with good publication ideas
  4. How to ace research paper presentations
  5. Complete List and Links to all the reputed Legal Blogs and Article publication places
  6. How and where to start your publication & research work
  7. How to choose a research topic
  8. How to structure a Research Paper
  9. Dos & Don'ts of writing a Research Paper
  1. How to research on SCC Online
  2. How to research on Manupatra
  3. How to use HeinOnline
  4. How to extract the best out of Lexis Nexis
  5. Exploring Westlaw to the fullest
  6. 101 Legal Research Tips
  1. Key components of ADR
  2. Acing Negotiation Competitions
  3. Acing Mediation Competitions
  4. Acing Client-Counselling Competitions
  5. List of all reputed National & International ADR Competitions
  1. How to choose a Project topic in general and in specific
  2. Project Formatting
  3. How to structure your projects to perfection
  4. Dealing with Plagiarism
  5. How to make a Project Presentation
  6. How to ace your Vivas
  7. How to write a Review of Literature (ROL)
  8. How to write a Case Summary
  1. Unique collection of 1800 drafts of all the formats used in Indian Courts.
  2. Filing FIR
  3. Filing RTI
  4. Drafting Affidavit
  5. Drafting a Rent Agreement
  6. Drafting General Agreements & Contracts
  7. Filing cases in Consumer Forum
  8. Filing online Consumer Complaint
  9. Basics of Contract Drafting
  10. Drafting a Legal Notice
  11. Drafting a reply to Legal Notice
  12. Basic Courtroom Etiquettes
  13. Common terms used in Indian Courts
  14. Court structure in India & Hierarchy of Judicial Officiers
  15. Structure of Police Stations & Hierarchy of Police Officers
  1. Law of Torts
  2. Constitutional Law
  3. Law of Contracts
  4. Personal Laws
  5. Criminal Law
  6. Criminal Procedure Code
  7. Civil Procedure Code
  8. Jurisprudence
  9. Company Law
  10. Environmental Law
  11. Labour Law
  12. Banking Law
  13. Insurance Law
  14. Extradition Law
  15. Disability Law
  16. Intellectual Property Rights
  17. Media Laws
  18. Competition Law
  19. Specific Relief 
  20. Public International Laws
  1. OSCOLA Guide (Oxford)
  2. Bluebook Guide (Harvard)
  3. Chicago Citation
    MLA Method
  4. APA Citation Guide
  1. Judiciary
  2. Judge-Advocate General (JAG)
  3. Corporate Houses
  4. In-House Counsel
  5. Legal Entrepreneurship
  6. Litigation
  7. PSUs
  8. L.L.M Abroad
  9. UPSC with Law
  10. Research opportunities
  11. Teaching as a Career
  12. Legal Journalism
  13. Complete list of Books for Competitive Exams (PDF)
  14. List of Universities for LLM Abroad
  15. List of Global Scholarships + Scholarships for Indian Students
  16. SOP Guide for LLM Abroad
  17. Standard Application Procedure for LLM Abroad


You can simply enroll by adding the kit to Cart and completing the payment. After successful payment, you would be redirected to a registration form, with the payment screenshot, your job is done. You will receive an email from us guiding you through the next steps.

There is no time limit. You can complete it at your own pace. You need to clear the certification test which happens every month to receive your certificate.

Once you receive the minimum passing marks in your certification test, your certificate would be generated automatically.

It does not. The course has lifetime access!

All payment methods like Debit cards, Credit cards, UPI, Netbanking, Payment wallets are available.

You can ask your queries by texting at this number – 9827541515(Prakhar). Technical queries can be sent to

It is a one-time payment and you do not have to pay anything after this. No hidden charges.

Yes. The price might increase anytime soon as this is the launch price. Make sure you don’t miss out.

All Live sessions would be recorded and you can watch the recording later as per your convenience.

There is no limit to the number of times you can watch a video.

Because Success Boat believes that price should not be a barrier for anyone to receive valuable and quality guidance.

Yes. Two seniors from top National Law Schools would mentor you throughout 5 years of law school through an exclusive Whatsapp Group.


  1. Akshay Jain

    If you are a law student, I guarantee that buying this kit won’t be a mistake. this course will be the guide or mentor throughout the journey of law as a career.

  2. Kunal Chadhary

    Certainly the best kit for ur law school in the market. It encompasses of all the requisites you need to boost your grades and ace law school. With a variety of notes and sessions conducted regularly by experienced top tier law colleges students and faculties, it ensures to make a student ready for the battle he/she/they is going to face for the next 5 years.
    A must buy for all the law students out there

  3. Aishani Chakraborty

    I bought LSK Content to prepare for my future after law school. I noticed while buying that they had multiple products, like SOP guide for LLM abroad, books for competitive exams, etc. Every material was super helpful and very much detail-oriented which is exactly what I was looking for.

  4. Utkarsh Sharma

    Law School Kit is something which actually changed my vision to approach different aspects of Law school. The Law school kit solved almost all the queries, I had regarding competitions, internships, CVs, Cover letter, academic notes, SOPs, competitive examinations etc. And, the best part about this LSK is that it contains both documentary and audio-visual material which really helped me to understand the intricacies of its content. At last, this kit developed by success boat is also affordable more than any other similar material available in the market. I would highly recommend this kit to my fellow law students as it can prove as one key to million locks.

  5. Aditi

    Amazing product, I was so confused when I first joined law school, everything was messed and though my seniors were helpful I needed something more specific, that’s when I encountered with this KIT. Loved how everything is comprehensive and to the point. The results are amazing and I already feel like a much better version of myself . I highly recommend it.

  6. Ayasha Ray

    No doubt that SUCCESS BOAT is a amazing app which is so helpful for CLAT aspirants and law students. Now SB is providing the LAW SCHOOL KIT through which law pursuing students can get more ideas regarding their career field. This covers many more things like mooting, ADR n other skills and all these sessions are very easy to understand and much helpful too. Here all sessions are in detailed manner. This is best platform to give a boost to your preparation. And yes the price charge of this law school kit is too good and affordable. We can know more and more things with a little amount. The Co-founders and developers are too good and amazing. Overall this kit will be proved too beneficial. I recommend just go for it. Kudos to the team. It is great experience indeed to be part of SB. It is so so helpful for me personally. Thank you to SB for providing such beneficial and best LAW SCHOOL KIT.

  7. Trupti Mayee Rout

    I bought LSK to prepare for my exams in law school. All their academic products are very detailed and explains all the important concepts. The products for IPC and CrPC was enough for me to ace my semester exams. I would say that it was definitely worth its price.

  8. Arya Singh

    One of the best things that happened to me lately, was when my friend recommended this to me! This law school kit is indeed a blessing. It has a 360° coverage and it effectively guides a person in overcoming every challenge that one might face in a law school. Helped me survive and thrive in my law school. So, I’ll definitely be recommending it to those reading this review. Thanks to Prakhar bhaiya and Govind bhaiya for bringing this masterpiece to us. LSK is a must try!

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