Monetary Refunds of the Services or Products once purchased:

Since Success Boat offers non-tangible, irrevocable goods which, once granted access, can’t be tracked and traced about your completion or gaining of any kind of knowledge or improvement in skills, we do not provide refunds once the product is purchased or the order is placed, which you acknowledge prior to purchasing any product on the Website of Success Boat or any other payment links created by Success Boat.

  • Please make sure that you’ve carefully read the service description before making a purchase.
  • Certain packages have a “30-days Money-back Policy”, which would be VOID and non-applicable if those products are not purchased via “One-time” payment and are purchased via any kind of EMI/Pay Later/Special Offer options. 
  • By making the purchase itself, you agree to these terms and this absolves Success Boat of all the liabilities to provide any kind of REFUNDS to your paid order.
Immediate & Permanent revocation of access to the Portal/any Drive/any Material/Content:

Success Boat reserves all the rights to revoke your access to any of the above-mentioned benefits in case of any:

  1. ‘Inappropriate behavior’ with any of the Founders/Position-holders/Interns at Success Boat. Such behavior might include abusing or involving in any verbal spat which is unjustified & unreasonable (to be decided by Team Success Boat)
  2. ‘Defaming’ Success Boat in the public eyes without discussing the root cause of the problem with the Team Success Boat. 
  3. Spreading ‘baseless’ hatred about Success Boat in any Telegram/Whatsapp Group or any Instagram/Linkedin/Twitter/Facebook Page.
  4. Sharing of your User ID and Password with someone who wasn’t authorized to get the same.
  5. Sharing your User ID and Password with someone who has not PAID for that content at Success Boat. 
  6. Breaching any other set criteria or failure to do an act set as MANDATORY by the Founders on the respective Official Groups of your course/package.

Contacting us:
If you wish to contact us concerning any matter relating to this Refund Policy, you may send an email to